Trifectiv Plus is a powerful wound irrigation solution effective against biofilm, inflammation & infection

What is Hypochlorous Acid?

Hypochlorous acid, or Hypochlorous solution is a naturally occurring product which is formed by the human white blood cells and is used by our bodies to fight infection and heal wounds. It plays a central role in our immunity.

I am personally very excited and very impressed with this product! It’s wonderful to be so certain of a positive outcome. My staff and I look forward to many more positive testimonials. 

– Chamilla Sanua (owner Weleda Pharmacies and Naturally Yours)

Trifectiv Plus is dedicated to blending the powers of medical science with the miracles of nature

We develop and produce the worlds most advanced burn and wound care products. The Trifectiv Plus range is backed by research making the quest for rapid restorative wound healing a reality.

We are committed to ethical practices and protecting the environment. All our products are biodegradable and have never been tested on animals.

“Our staff are dedicated professionals who are proud of the leading contribution they make to restoring dignity through the rapid and effective healing of problematic wounds. We strive to retain our leadership in this space, we strive continually to seek better alternatives through the combination of science allied to the many miracles that nature can offer.” Stuart Russell (Director)

When to use?

Hypochlorous acid's three main functions are disinfection, the destruction of biofilm and a reduction in inflammation. This ensures better wound healing with a much lower risk of infection and a marked improvement in pain.

Does it work?

Our formulation has a wide range of uses - from burns to chronic wounds, in surgery and with nappy rash and other skin concerns. Our clients regularly send us feedback about their amazing results when using our products.

What about safety?

Whilst you may have never heard about Hypochlorous acid your body makes it already, so it's perfect for a wide range of applications. Our products are completely safe to use - on children, during pregnancy and even on pets.

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