Hypochlorous acid: the definitive solution to a rapidly expanding problem of non-healing septic wounds

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Stabilized hypochlorous acid has been reported to have a rapid kill rate on all pathogens, including MDR pathogens associated with chronic and acute wound infections. It destroys biofilm on contact, is not cytotoxic, reduces inflammation and stimulates wound healing. We report on our experience with a new treatment method using hypochlorous acid for wound irrigation and a dressing adjuvant for septic non-healing wounds, using a simplified approach to wound care that is not only more effective but cheaper to perform.

Accredited for 3 Clinical CPD on Level 1 (2021)

Who should enrol?
General practitioners, orthopaedic surgeons, surgeons, plastic surgeons, wound care specialists, burns surgeons

Items covered?

  • What is hypochlorous acid and where does it originate
  • What are the qualities, as described in peer-reviewed journals of hypochlorous acid
  • What are the signs of a chronic wound
  • What are the principles of wound healing
  • How does hypochlorous acid assist with wound healing
  • How to dress wounds using hypochlorous acid

Learning Outcomes
On completion of this course candidates will be able to: recognise a chronic wound and will know how to treat such a wound effectively with hypochlorous acid dressings. They will recognise the efficacy of this multi-potential treatment method with a multitude of wounds, infected or sterile.

Covers the science of hypochlorous acid and how to utilize its powerful antibacterial, anti-biofilm and anti-inflammatory qualities to treat & heal the most difficult wounds effectively.

  • As a traumatic wound irrigation product, it reduces the risk of infection and controls pain.
  • Post-surgical irrigation reduces infection risk and assists with pain control.
  • It can be used as a surface application to heal wounds, treat infections and reduce inflammation.
  • Effective against MRSA and SARS-CoV-2 virus (in vitro confirmation)
  • The most effective hypochlorous acid product (NWU study)

by: Dr H Roos M.Med; FCS (SA)

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