Wound & Burn Care Professional

Wound & Burn Care Professional

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The Professional Size of our Trifectiv Plus Wound & Burn Care product is intended for use by medical professionals. A powerful disinfectant and anti-inflammatory containing our proprietary medical-grade hypochlorous acid (HOCl). This product is perfect for use on wounds, burns, cuts, sores and ulcers – with or without dressings. Ideal for use as an irrigation solution on operation sites and to disinfect prosthetics before use.


  • Destroys pathogens on contact including bacteria, viruses and fungi
  • Effective against multi-drug resistant bacteria
  • Eliminates biofilm on contact
  • Anti-inflammatory and antipruritic effect
  • Rapidly reduces pain and odour, does not burn or sting (kids simply love it!)
  • Accelerates healing
  • Non toxic
  • Safe for pregnant & breast-feeding women, children and babies

A Registered Medical Device (Class C)

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Contents: 500ml (16.9 FL.oz)

Ingredients: Water, Sterile solution of hyphochlorous acid

pH: 5.8

Storage Instructions:

  • Store between 5 and 30°C.
  • Store out of direct sunlight.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

Our products contain no animal ingredients, are hypoallergenic and always cruelty-free

Do not use product if expired. Discard any unused product 12 months after starting the bottle.


We suggest the following:

  1. Visible dirt should be cleaned from the wound before treatment.
  2. Thoroughly spray the injured area, including the interior of the wound, with Trifectiv Plus Wound & Burn Care and allow this to dry naturally. Please do not rub the solution into the skin.
  3. Continue to spray the wound with the Trifectiv Plus Wound & Burn Care 3 to 4 times a day.
  4. If necessary, you can cover the wound with a breathable dressing like Primapore. Please don’t use waterproof or silver-impregnated dressings.

Please see our detailed usage & application page for specific instructions for the treatment of various types of wounds, nappy rash and other conditions.

Note: This product will not harm the eyes and is safe to use in the mouth.

Caution: DO NOT MIX with or into other products.

Please consult our FAQs for more general info on HOCl.

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